Art Exhibitions


The creative process is mysterious and magical enough when an artist works alone, so imagine the possibilities when two or more artists work together to create works that are neither of one or the other, but of both. You don’t have to imagine what will happen when a photographer and a painter work together, or when an artist who works with reclaimed wood teams up with a photographer. These combos and more are in this exciting exhibit.


You are invited to our Artist’s Opening Reception Friday, May 10th from 6-8pm at The Oyster Point Hotel.

Red Bank voted Favorite Downtown Art District

Along the interior of The Oyster Point Hotel hang the photographs, paintings, and stories of some of our favorite local artists. Every two months someone new will have the chance to showcase their work on our walls. Each new artist will be introduced to the public with an Artist’s Opening Reception; the details of which will also be posted right here! We encourage fellow artists, enthusiasts, and collectors to pay us a visit, as the exhibits will be available to view at your leisure. You may access information on past exhibits HERE – ARTIST ARCHIVES.