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Peter Bradley: New Work

The Oyster Point Gallery is proud and honored to present new work by Color Field abstract artist Peter Bradley. Mr. Bradley combines rich layers of color with broad gestural moments in working with acrylic gel paint by Sam Golden. In the 1970’s, his work expanded the expressiveness found in acrylic painting and had a direct influence on many abstract artists.

Mr. Bradley is also widely noted for curating the first major show in the U.S. to comprehensively integrate white modernists with their black contemporaries. He was originally invited to participate in the Whitney’s “Contemporary Black Artists In America” exhibition but declined because of their reduction of him and others to just black artists. Instead, with the support of art collector and philanthropist John de Menil, Bradley curated The De Luxe Show in 1971 in Houston. The show exhibited famous artists of the time — such as Kenneth Noland, Jules Olitski and Larry Poons — alongside abstract black artists. The De Luxe Show became a milestone in both art and civil rights history.

From 1968 – 1975 Mr. Bradley was the Associate Director at the prestigious Perls Galleries on Madison Avenue where he sold Calders, Picassos and other 20th century modern masters. He was one of New York’s original black art dealers.

In the 1980s, he spent time in South Africa responding to apartheid through his sculpture; and also immersed himself in the jazz world by touring with musician Art Blakey and befriending jazz musicians such as Miles Davis.

Mr. Bradley never stopped painting, and 30 years ago bought a historic stone house in Saugerties where he recently met gallerist Robert Langdon. They forged an alliance and in June, 2019 Robert Langdon’s Emerge Gallery presented Peter Bradley’s new work in a solo exhibit. In conjunction with Robert Langdon, we are proud to present Peter Bradley’s new work at the Oyster Point Gallery. Please join us for this momentous occasion.

You are invited to our Artist’s Opening Reception Friday, September 6th from 6-8 p.m.