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Ellen Martin and Erica Geralds are up next in the continuing series of art exhibitions organized by Oyster Point’s curator Gerda Liebmann. Martin, a Red Bank resident, will be exhibiting 19 works from her “Abandoned” Series, and Geralds will be showing her new textile patterns.

Ellen Martin started shooting her “Abandoned” series of digital photographs in April 2015 as a reaction to a personal rejection. Now over 200 images, it has developed a parallel, and perhaps more significant meaning as a commentary on the American proclivity to destroy rather than reconstruct. “I had an exhibit at the Hotel Tides in December, but I’m excited to be showing work in my own town. Plus, I’m unveiling five new pieces people haven’t seen before,” says Martin, who recently won the City Without Walls Exceptional Merit Award for one of her “Abandoned” photographs during their METRO 31 exhibit.

For Erica, “As primarily a painter and admirer of textiles, I found myself merging the gap between the two disciplines. While experimenting with acrylic inks I attempted to test their interaction with other mediums. As a result, I developed an uncontrolled style of painting that stemmed from process. Once completed, the piece was then photographed and mirrored so that it took the form of a pattern. The symmetry, color and organic shapes involved contained a style and appeal that I equate with ornate wallpapering and other areas of textile. The symmetry in these pieces for me offers me a sense of control and order that was not visible in the initial process of creating them.”

Before going out on her own, Geralds was an Artist’s Assistant and Intern at the Wangechi Mutu Studio, and studied Fine Arts at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. While at the Wangechi Mutu Studio, Erica learned some sculptural techniques and gained some valuable insight into what it takes to organize exhibits. She is originally from Englewood, New Jersey. Wangechi Mutu is considered to be one of the most important contemporary African artists in years.

 Quon + Quon / Two Generations of Art
a father and son art show

“To exhibit with my father’s work is very unique,” said local artist Mike Quon. Dad (Milton Quon) is turning 104 this year and still painting and drawing. It’s been long overdue.”

For the first time ever, father and son, Milton and Mike Quon, are exhibiting their art side by side, with a city and nature theme. “Dad has always loved painting nature, flowers, country and seaside, and I have always loved the urban landscape, my stylized architecture, buildings and locations”.

“Dad would be thrilled if he could view it in person; however, he is unable to come out from L.A. and will have to see it via video,” said son Mike.

They share the same name and inspiration, but displayed together, each artist is unique.  Dad Milton is classically trained, and studied art at LA’s renowned Chouinard Art Institute (now Cal Arts). He worked in animation at Walt Disney, working on Fantasia and Dumbo, followed by twelve years as an art director at the advertising agency BBDO. Mike began as a pre-dental major at UCLA, but graduated with a degree in art and then had a successful career in graphic design and advertising.

“I love dad’s work; he is controlled, yet loose and free. I think we’re quite different as artists; we each have different approaches, different mediums, different compositions, yet there is a spontaneous thread through it all,” said son Mike. “My work has a more graphic approach, with a more contemporary and modern style”.

Visitors will see the more traditional and ethereal watercolor style of the father, and the more experimental and bold style of the son.

“Sometimes the mixing of styles is what’s so exciting for me. It gives me total freedom to experiment,” said Mike. Influences include his mentors at UCLA, abstract expressionist painter Richard Diebenkorn and pop artist Ed Ruscha.

Two different generations, two different artists, two styles of artwork come together in this father and son collaboration.




The exhibition will last from November 4 through January 1, 2017.

“The Oyster Point Hotel brings talented artists to a broader audience, hopefully widening the appeal of art beyond galleries and museums. I am trying to expose fine art to more people by carefully curating exhibitions at unusual art venues.” Gerda Liebmann, curator.

David French (born 1965, England) lives and works in NJ. He has been exhibiting artwork professionally since 1987. He had the opportunity to pursue his love of visual art at Carnegie-Mellon University and Vermont College of Fine Art. He further was mentored by D.C. based color-field artist Sam Gilliam and NYC artist/writer Mira Schor.

David French: “I was diagnosed with cancer in 2000. Today I am cancer free. This painful experience profoundly shaped me as an individual and as an artist. This event informs my artwork today. I do not try to represent those moments I had, but I find myself creating imagery in order to make sense of things that have occurred, or, I wish to occur, to come to terms with the unknown. I choose to work with oil paint primarily, because of its fluid, fleshy, visceral and organic quality, that are not unlike the body. The painting surface is a skin, the illusory depth a body in space.”

“In my Triad color painting series I am most interested in staging a celebratory and investigative relationship between the essential parts of painting and me the artist. The essential painters’ toolbox consists, primarily speaking, of the flat surface, red, yellow, blue and white. I think of my interaction with these basic materials as a collaborator. I equate my action to those tool box components. Everything contributes proportionally. By working in a manner where I do not represent something, I touch on the very essence of painting.”

David French from Gerda Liebmann on Vimeo.

Our Best Shots

is a diverse collection of 44 photographs featuring stunning land and seascapes from the Monmouth County area and international locations; imaginative still life studies; and intriguing architectural and structural compositions. Participating photographers are: Marilyn Baldi, Susan Boston, Nancy Conley, Vicki DeVico, Bob Dowd, Laury Egan, Jean Finnila, Betul Hoscan, Helen McAndrew, Joan Myers, Jill Pesciotta, Mark Schwartz, and Paul Staniforth. All of the photographers have professionally exhibited, winning numerous awards for excellence. The images were chosen for technical and artistic merit by the group’s instructor, Laury A. Egan, who teaches fine arts photography and composition. Each image has been reproduced to archival standards and many are oversized prints.  The show will be on view from September 1 until October 30. The Oyster Point Hotel, 146 Bodman Place, Red Bank, NJ. For more information: 732-687-3580.


Marilyn M. Baldi is an award-winning photographer renowned for her myriad interests and eclectic style. Her work is enjoyed in numerous private collections in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia and in permanent collections in several public spaces.

Susan Boston enjoys finding beautiful natural subjects, most in Monmouth County. She has received a first-place medal and several ribbons at the NJ Federation of Camera Clubs and multiple awards at the Monmouth Camera Club. She has exhibited at the Guild of Creative Art.

Nancy Conley, a retired Bell Labs/ATT Software Engineer, enjoys photography, graphics, painting, ceramics, encaustics, and drawing. Her work has been published in the Photographic Society of America Journal and awarded 2nd place in a juried photography show at Monmouth Beach Cultural Center. Nancy has exhibited at Belmar Arts Council, Art Alliance, Monmouth Museum, Middletown Library, Brookdale Community College, and Middletown Arts Center.

Vicki DeVico had won numerous awards for her fine arts photography and is an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop. She does all of her own processing and printing to ensure her images are presented at their best. Her subject matter varies depending on the opportunities…but she always tries to share her ‘best shot’!

Bob Dowd tries to create strong compositions by empowering negative spaces, searching for dynamic positive shapes, and by the use of bold colors. Bob has exhibited and received several awards at the Guild of Creative Art, the Belmar Arts Council, and the Grounds for Sculpture.

Laury A. Egan (Instructor/Exhibit Curator) is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University (graphic design/photography) and has been teaching fine arts photography for over 20 years; now in private classes, previously at Brookdale College and the Guild of Creative Art, where she served as president and is an exhibiting member. She has shown her work throughout the tristate area, both as a solo photographer and with her professional students, and is in the collections of the Montclair Art Museum, Princeton Graphic Arts Library, the Metropolitan Opera, most Lincoln Center organizations, and in the archives of Plácido Domingo and Philip Glass. Laury has illustrated over 50 book covers and is the author of six books of fiction and poetry.

Jean Finnila is a fine arts photographer mainly devoted to landscape and seascape subjects. Her goal is to capture nature’s beauty and to convey a feeling of tranquility and awe in the viewer. Galleries throughout New Jersey have showcased her work, especially those near the ocean, where she often spends the pre-dawn hours searching for moments of serenity. Jean’s images have been published in Sea Stories and on the cover of Off the Coast magazine.

Betul Hoscan was born in Istanbul, Turkey, and graduated Istanbul Technical University before moving to the United States in 1991. She has been an avid photographer for most of her life. Betul has received several awards in Monmouth Camera Club competitions, and her photographs have been accepted in numerous venues.

Helen McAndrew is a founding member and contributor to a monthly photo blog with six other members from around the world.  She is a moderator and contributor to an online photography website. Her work has been exhibited at The Monmouth Beach Cultural Center and is in a number of private collections. She has been a student of Laury Egan for four years.

Joan Myers is a dedicated visual observer, whose passion for the land and sea propels her to create images of hovering waves and rocky waterfalls. She has won major landscape awards at the Guild of Creative Art, where she is an exhibiting member, and multiple awards at the Belmar Arts Council, the Art Society of Monmouth County, Arts Council of Princeton, as well as exhibiting at the Art Alliance, Guild of Creative Art, and the Monmouth Festival of the Arts.

Jill Pesciotta won “Best in Show” at the Guild of Creative Art in 2010 and 2011 and an Honorable Mention at Belmar Arts Council (2011). She has exhibited at the Art Alliance, the Butterfly Arts Gallery, McKay Imaging, Frame to Please, and Sandy Hook Lighthouse Keeper’s Quarters.

Mark Schwartz has exhibited his work at the Guild of Creative Art, The Watchung Arts Center, The Monmouth Museum, and has photographs on permanent display at Monmouth Medical Center. He has won regional awards in juried photography competitions, including several “Best in Show” honors. Mark’s main areas of interest include nature, travel, and fine arts photography.

Paul Staniforth is from Dorset, England, but has spent half his life in the United States. His photographs have been exhibited at the Frederick Gallery, Allenhurst; the Guild of Creative Art, Shrewsbury; the Lighthouse Keeper’s Quarters on Sandy Hook; Frame to Please, Red Bank; and McKay Imaging, Red Bank.


 was selected as the theme for this art exhibit as it reflects a collective experience of the four artists represented in the show. The paintings are an example of artistic growth,evolution of style, and a mixture of mediums, over the past seven years that the hotel has showcased their artwork. “The paintings of these four artists range significantly in style,” stated the show’s curator Gerda Liebmann, “The distinctive paths of their lives and their individual inspirations lend vibrancy, depth, and illumination to the overall viewing experience.”

Mr. Barry commented “We are delighted to host this seventh annual exhibit of contemporary works by these gifted artists. Their eclectic mix of art perfectly represents the creative spirit of central New Jersey. It is our pleasure to share these works with visitors to the hotel, with the Red Bank community and surrounding areas.” The Oyster Point Hotel will sponsor a free “Meet the Artists” reception of wines and light fare, Thursday, July 21, from 7 to 9 PM.

Annette Margulies describes her paintings as an emotional journey. Margulies states, “I am inspired by nature and music, and I am always attracted to new ideas and visual concepts. In particular I love to explore the relationship between nature’s creation and man’s influence on it. Within this relationship lie energy, emotion, passion and dreams—all of which are such an integral part of the human experience that expressing them on canvas is irresistible to me. It’s why I paint.” Many of her paintings have won awards, and are in private and corporate collections.
For more information visit

Tyrrell Masse is a Chicago “girl” and resident of Monmouth County for many years, who is inspired by the past and present. She works in multiple mediums, acrylics, water colors, and mixed materials. Masse has exhibited throughout New Jersey and Arizona, THE OYSTER POINT HOTEL HOSTS ANNUAL GROUP ART EXHIBIT EMBRACING CHANGE Modern Artworks by  Monmouth County Artists Featured in July and August and her paintings are in private collections particularly in the tri-state area. Her venue Move n Art is on Amazon Instant Video. She describes this product as a beautiful way to enjoy art.
For information visit and

Edy Ottesen is originally from Brooklyn, NY, and now divides her painting time between Boca Raton, FL, and Monmouth County, NJ. Ottesen, largely a self-taught artist, is passionate about her work. Her series of paintings in this exhibit were created in acrylic paint and clear plastic. Ottesen states “I paint with pleasure and purpose, and color is often the most important element of my work. Passion for or about something and motivation to be engaged in the process is what propels me forward in each new series that I develop.” Ottesen continues, “When someone pauses a while to take in what I have created and then moves on having felt that their time was well spent…then I am satisfied.”
For more information visit

Leona Tenebruso-Shultes is a native New Yorker who has lived in New Jersey for over 20 years. She works in acrylics and mixed media, and her lyrical abstract paintings have been featured in juried shows and galleries in Connecticut, New Jersey and New York. An award-winning artist, Tenebruso-Shultes states, “As someone who has divided her life between city and shore, my artwork is generally inspired by the energy of city life and the essence of nature.” She focuses primarily on color, texture and line work to convey mood and emotion in her works. The artist’s paintings are in private and corporate collections.
For more information visit




No Nudes

“Women Paint Women,” is an exciting new group exhibition of paintings by emerging and established artists Karissa Harvey, Kathleen Heron, Pat Hutchinson, Shoshana Kertesz, Sharon Sayegh, Elaine Shor, Elizabeth Sowell-Zak, and Kathleen Tobin.

Ellen Martin, the curator, says, “It was important to me to give women artists a chance to have an exhibit all to themselves to help tip the balance in the male-dominated art world. All of these talented women have produced museum-worthy work.

As a matter of fact, I’m on trend. A recent New York Times article talked about all of the current and planned woman-only shows including  “Revolution in the Marking: Abstract Sculpture by Women” at Hauser Wirth & Schimmel in Los Angeles,” she continued.

“I also wanted to highlight the difference between how women paint women and how men paint women. Yes, it’s true that the nude is a staple of Western Art, but women artists also paint women in a wider range of roles and occupations, from a portrait of Virginia Woolf by Shoshana Kertesz to a black woman archer by Pat Hutchinson. You’ll see that variety here.”

These women artists come from cities all over the state, including Belmar, New Brunswick, Farmingdale and West Orange. They all paint women engaged in various occupations, states of being and everyday activities.

Shoshana Kertesz, who has painted famous women writers says, “I paint women who inspire me through their strength, sensitivity, creativity and wisdom. I paint women to bring to attention the character behind the facial and physical makeup and the beauty that shines from within. Women come in all emotional and intellectual colors that are unique to them, and I want to emphasize this aspect by foregoing feminine stereotypes.”

The exhibit will open at the Oyster Point Hotel on Thursday, May 5th, 2016 with an artists’ reception from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. It will close Sunday, June 26, 2016. The Oyster Point, located at 146 Bodman Place, has both free and valet parking, and will serve complimentary hors d’oeuvres. The public is welcome to this free event.

“My thanks to Oyster Point Curator Gerda Liebmann for providing this opportunity, and to the Oyster Point Hotel for supporting the arts for many years. It’s an alternative space that has become a significant art venue on the Jersey Shore,” says Martin. “We hope everyone will come and enjoy the show.”

Sayegh (3)

Colin Seitz


“Watching Colin Seitz at work in his dark room is like seeing an alchemist working his magic. So much patience and dedication. No wonder his photographs turn out to be so stunning.” – Gerda Liebmann, Curator

Artist Statement:
My photographs place the viewer where I stood, virtually inside my shoes as I took in the subject that I saw and felt. The art of making a photograph is one that connects me to the earth and my surroundings and allows me to capture forever the feeling I had when I made the exposure. My photographs offer the viewer an escape from everyday life, to be transported off to somewhere with no ringing phones or full email inboxes.

With the rapid pace today’s society imposes on us, my photographs offer a step back as well as an outlet for to take in what sometimes is right in front us but we fail to notice because of the pace of life. My photographs single out and direct your focus to what needs to be seen; through seemingly infinite depth of field and the use of light and shadow they beg you to engage your imagination, to feel and smell the salt air as you watch the sun move behind late afternoon summer clouds on its path to hide behind sand dunes along the horizon at the New Jersey Shore; a functional stairwell that you may have used many times but have never seen is now brought into clear focus, its design abundantly apparent, the use of line and form lending it abstract qualities while still reminding you of its daily functional use.

For the majority of my photographs, I use film with either a large or medium format camera. I feel it is important to continue to use film and traditional dark room materials; they allow me to communicate what I wish to preserve in an image and its inherent timeliness helps me to convey of a moment and feeling in time, preserved forever.

Artist Bio:
Colin and his wife Cortney live at the Jersey Shore along with Chivas, their standard poodle and Tiger, their rescued cat. Colin spent 4 years in the United States Marine Corps prior to earning a BA in Economics with minor in Mathematics from Rutgers University.  During his time at Rutgers, Colin was influenced by Dr Peter Rona, his professor for Oceanography, who introduced concepts about global and ocean warming, as well as conservation. It was an elective class and while it did not change the course of study Colin chose, much of what he learned continues to guide him now with his beliefs and approach to sustainable living along with protecting the land we have, to include his approach of leaving things better than we found them.   A self-taught photographer and enthusiast of the natural world, Colin has been photographing since around 1999. Introduced to art at a young age by his paternal grandmother and oil painter Kate Seitz, he was supplied a smock, a palette of water colors, brushes and paper to begin creating. Later on, he was introduced to oil paints, producing his first painting, a shark that reflects the impact a recent trip to the Baltimore Aquarium had on him, stirring an interest in sharks that survives to this day. Colin took a few art classes in primary and secondary school, but never really found a medium that resonated until he was around 22 where after his enlistment as a United States Marine, he began to paint again with oils which quickly transitioned to sketching with charcoal and pen and ink; it seems obvious now the lure resided with the power of black and white and its limitless shades of gray in between. Around this same time, he began to use a manual Nikon 35mm camera his father owned. Black and white film soon found its way into the camera and the passion was born.     From the early days of an apartment bedroom with a darkroom in it, Colin moved to digital photography which he used for several years to satisfy his desire to capture his emotional response to the landscape, but the change was not permanent. As more and more of the photography world began to use digital, Colin felt something was missing, and made the switch back to film and the darkroom, noting “it isn’t about which one is better, rather, the creation of a photograph with film satisfies me; it is therapeutic, and involves a level of thought and patience I didn’t experience creating photographs digitally.” Colin continues to search out all there is to learn with photography, and supplements his learning by experimenting in the darkroom and the field.

ColinSeitz from Gerda Liebmann on Vimeo.


Karin Lowney-Seed & Myke Karlowski

Works in Oil and Acrylic

KarinOP from Gerda Liebmann on Vimeo.

ABOUT KARIN:Karin Lowney-Seed is an award winning artist with a sharp and direct style. Her paintings are bold, confident and colorful with a keen eye for visual balance and intrigue.Ms. Lowney-Seed has shown her work throughout the country and is part of many private collections. Her paintings and sculpture has been a part of exhibitions including the Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn NY, The Philadelphia Art Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, among others.Karin is an MFA graduate of  “The school of the Art Institute of Chicago” she has also been featured on The Learning Channel” as an expert artist. To view more of Karin’s work visit:

Myke from Gerda Liebmann on Vimeo.

ABOUT MYKE: Myke Karlowski was born in Red Bank, New Jersey. He studied painting at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. His work utilizes fundamental visual concepts, while drawing upon subconscious mental imagery. He investigates the connectivity between nature and human perception and its significance in psychological and emotional convictions. Myke Karlowski has presented his work in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York. He currently lives and works in Asbury Park, New Jersey. To view more of Myke’s work, visit:



Richard Buntzen

His is exhibit “Transformations” hung within the halls of The Oyster Point Hotel from the beginning of September until the end of October.
“The evolutionary path involving the appropriation of print media and the use of collage techniques began in an Experimental Works studio at New Jersey City University in 1998.  While completing both a Master of Art and Master of Fine Arts degrees at NJCU, Buntzen explored and further experimented with newsprint fragments and collage production through a process of retrieval and reuse, giving new life and meaning to materials that would otherwise be discarded or recycled.

Isolated from context, fragments of visual facts and color print become a working palate creating arrangements of appropriated matter. The chronological phases of collage production vary. Objective and non-objective subject matter as well as realistic and abstract approaches are interchanged creating a differentiated body of work.

While some arrangements are exhibited individually, many become complimentary components that form module sets.  These module sets occupy space as a cohesive group and allow the work to expand into a more monumental presentation.”



Abstract Artworks by Monmouth County Artists Featured in July & August

The Oyster Point Hotel is pleased to welcome back four local artists, Annette Margulies, Tyrrell Masse, Edy Ottesen, and Leona Tenebruso-Shultes for the sixth consecutive year. Their original, distinctive works of art will be on exhibit in the lobby, lounge and mezzanine of the hotel. Over 40 abstract and contemporary paintings are being featured as part of the hotel’s ongoing showcase of local artists’ works. These award-winning artists are active members of the arts and cultural community in New Jersey, New York and Florida. Their works are sold internationally, nationally and in particular throughout the tri-state area.

Annette Margulies describes her paintings as an emotional journey, depicting energy, passion, dreams,  joy, disappointment and acceptance.  As she paints using acrylics and mixed media, the emotions are revealed and transformed into shapes, colors, marks and lines. The viewer is encouraged to interpret the paintings in his or her own way.  Her paintings are exhibited locally and in Florida.  Many of her paintings have won awards, and are in private and corporate collections throughout the U.S. and Canada.  For more information visit

Tyrrell Masse is a Chicago “girl” and resident of Monmouth County for many years, who is inspired by the past and present. She works in multiple mediums, acrylics, water colors, and mixed materials. Masse has exhibited throughout New Jersey and Arizona, and her paintings are in private collections particularly in the tri-state area. Her venue Move in Art is on Amazon Instant Video. She describes this product as a beautiful way to enjoy art. For information visit and

Edy Ottesen is originally from Brooklyn, NY, and now divides her painting time between Boca Raton, FL, and Monmouth County, NJ. Ottesen is largely a self-taught artist who is passionate about her work.  Her paintings range from representational to abstract images. Ottesen states “I find much of my inspiration in nature, but do not limit myself to that genre.  I love brilliant hues, and once viewers see my paintings it doesn’t take long to figure that out.”  For more information visit

Leona Tenebruso-Shultes is a native New Yorker who has lived in New Jersey for many years. She works in acrylics and mixed media, and her lyrical abstract paintings have been featured in juried shows and galleries in Connecticut, New Jersey and New York.  An award-winning artist, Tenebruso-Shultes focuses primarily on color, texture and line work to convey mood and emotion in her works. The artist’s paintings are in private and corporate collections particularly in the tri-state area. For more information visit



The Painted Banquet – Paintings by Lisa Ficarelli-Halpern
On display May through June
Local art lovers are invited to our Artist’s Opening Reception May 15th, 7-9 PM at The Oyster Point Hotel. The hotel features an exhibit by Lisa Ficarelli-Halpern. She will be displaying her works in oil pigment throughout the hallways of the hotel from May 8th until June 29th. The Artist’s Opening Reception will offer complimentary passed hors d’ oeuvre’s and wine. Shown works will be for sale by the artist.

Lisa’s Artist Statement:
I am a painter and printmaker with an extensive background in fashion design and textiles. I try to create visually dramatic images that have contemporary cultural relevance. When painting, my medium is oil pigment, and I strive to keep the image looking ‘painted,’ to create an opulent feeling through rendering sparkling surfaces, saturated colors, and textures of our fashion and technology-conscious society. Printmaking affords me a more immediate method to address these same concerns.
The paintings and prints rely on the viewer’s desire to see pleasing images. Yet, within the lush imagery resides a psychological element – a memory, some light-hearted social commentary, or an ironic or surrealistic aspect that is encountered upon closer inspection. I enjoy subverting familiar, more traditional motifs and themes.
Subject matter is derived from a love of art history, and fascination with still life as well as portraiture, interests that I explore singly or also as a melding of different genres within one artwork. I often use collections of objects to hint at my own past experiences, and to explore classical painting methods and technique, which also assist in recalling an art-historical context. Maintaining a high level of technical quality is an important part of my studio practice.
I am very pleased to be exhibiting my work in this beautiful and welcoming venue. My recent painting “Still Life with Birds and Desserts,” © 2015 was serendipitously created as this exhibition came into fruition. I hope you enjoy the artworks.

Artist’s Bio
Lisa Ficarelli-Halpern has widely exhibited in numerous solo and group juried exhibitions, in venues including The Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, The George Segal Gallery and The Noyes Museum of Art in New Jersey, the Zhou B. Art Center in Chicago, Artists’ House Gallery in Philadelphia, and the Hunter College/Times Square Gallery in New York. She was voted artist of the month by the Arts Guild of New Jersey in June of 2013. Her work has been featured in Studio Visit Magazine Vol.10 and she has won numerous awards, including a 2006 Geraldine Dodge Fellowship. Prior to her fine art career, Lisa Ficarelli-Halpern served as an executive designer for Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation, from 1985 to 1992, where she oversaw all aspects of home collection design most prominently in the areas of bedding and decorative fabrics. She currently teaches painting and drawing at New Jersey City University and Brookdale Community College. For further information please visit Lisa’s website:


 Dreamscapes & Shaped Dreams

Beginning in March, we are welcoming two different artists.

Eileen Kennedy
will be showing her work on the first floor

I use time-honored materials like egg tempera and silverpoint to unite my two greatest loves: drawing and storytelling. Whether drawing with a silver wire or a brush laden with egg yolk and pigment, I make thousands of marks to build form, tone, and atmosphere. Some of my narratives come from memories or dreams. Others appear in my mind with no clue to their origins. I accept them as gifts.

Lynne Kennedy
showing on the second floor

My growing portfolio of travel photography has been a strong motivator for me to find better ways to seize the right moods in my images.  In the last five years I have visited the coast of Maine several times, spent a few weeks in Scotland, and made two trips to India and Nepal.  The irony is that while I now have so many great images to work with, it is so much harder to capture the emotion of places that have moved my soul as much as these have.

Egg Tempera Technique on Vimeo