Don Harger Paintings 2002 -2019

Don Harger is an American painter born and raised in New Jersey. His non-objective abstract paintings range from tiny minimalist reductions of pure paint and color to large vigorous paintings bursting with pattern and vibrant color. For Don, “the actual work of making a painting is arduous.” The process starts when he cleans his own oils and creates his paints and colors. They are applied in broad swaths of pure color or painstaking compositions of rhythmic and exuberant patterns.

Don is a self-employed artist, painter and maker.  He was born in Fort Monmouth, New Jersey, and educated at the Southern California Institute of Architecture. His creative journey began with a love of sculpture and eventually transitioned into a love of painting.

Don Apprenticed with Peter Shelton, Charles Fine, Eric Orr and Mary Course. His solo exhibitions range from 1990 to the present and include shows at the Simon Gallery (then in Morristown, New Jersey); Matter Materialist Kulturny Dom (Culture House) in Leipzig, Germany; Beauregard Fine Art in Rumson, New Jersey; and the Robert Walker Gallery in Santa Monica, California.  His participation in group shows spans from 1989 – 2014.