Ericka Bruno: Paintings

Ms. Bruno received her BFA in Studio Art with a concentration in Graphic Design from the University of Texas, Austin. Pursuing a career in graphic design, Ericka worked in San Antonio and Dallas before moving to San Francisco in the late 1990”s to work in Silicon Valley during the “” boom.

After taking some time to focus on family and raise her children, Ericka has segued her creativity into painting. With her graphic design background, she is propelled to take a non-objective approach to focus on the “line”. How it forms visual relationships with the negative and positive spaces created via intersecting perpendiculars, curves and parallels. Color enhances this dynamic, increasing visual impact, contrast and momentum. Her abstract work is a result of this continued exploration.
Ms. Bruno draws her inspiration from emotions and abstract concepts. A grid of lines is laid down, and a “problem-solving” of sorts begins… an instant or feeling taken and broken apart by lines, and then built back up all together with color and shapes to communicate a different and unique whole.