In Triplicate

Oyster Point Curator Ellen Martin invited ten photographers to edit one of their images in three ways.

The results vary from vibrant pieces in Marilyn Baldi’s Fire Escape, and Joan Myers’ Spinning Colors series to serene variations of the Himalayan Blue Poppy by Vince Matulewich; from the mysterious portraits by Robert McKay in Dreams of a Nymph, and Douglas Smith in his Cuddle, to the layered landscape fusions by Kevin Hinkle.

Fonthill Castle is the inspiration for both Andrea Phox and Vicki DeVico. Andrea had created unique panoramic images of the Columbus Room. Vicki is showing “A Study of Baths,” which exhibits subtle color changes.

Red Bank resident Marc Grauer’s “Stan’s Door” shows the image from its recognizable to its totally abstract state. Another Red Bank resident, Bartlett Lentini, rounds out the count of ten.

The exhibit will run through Sunday, July 1st, 2018