Potpourri II

Enjoy unique small works from established New Jersey artists Dawn DiCicco, Gwenn Seemel, Ericka Bruno, Jessica Berliner, José Arvelo Delgado and Jordan Robinson. We’ll show small paintings from Dawn DiCicco, Gwenn Seemel and Ericka Bruno; acrylic pours, bow ties and pocket squares from Jessica Berliner; a new line of mini-valets from José Arvelo Delgado; and a new line of totes and purses from Jordan Robinson.

Dawn DiCicco, José Arvelo Delgado and Jordan Robinson have exhibited with us before and we are pleased to welcome them back.

We are taking several precautions to ensure everyone’s safety during this opening. Temperatures will be taken at the door, masks are required and to avoid crowding, it’s a timed ticket event.