Women Paint Women

“Women Paint Women,” is an exciting new group exhibition of paintings by emerging and established artists Karissa Harvey, Kathleen Heron, Pat Hutchinson, Shoshana Kertesz, Sharon Sayegh, Elaine Shor, Elizabeth Sowell-Zak, and Kathleen Tobin.

Ellen Martin, the curator, says, “It was important to me to give women artists a chance to have an exhibit all to themselves to help tip the balance in the male-dominated art world. All of these talented women have produced museum-worthy work.

As a matter of fact, I’m on trend. A recent New York Times article talked about all of the current and planned woman-only shows including  “Revolution in the Marking: Abstract Sculpture by Women” at Hauser Wirth & Schimmel in Los Angeles,” she continued.

“I also wanted to highlight the difference between how women paint women and how men paint women. Yes, it’s true that the nude is a staple of Western Art, but women artists also paint women in a wider range of roles and occupations, from a portrait of Virginia Woolf by Shoshana Kertesz to a black woman archer by Pat Hutchinson. You’ll see that variety here.”

These women artists come from cities all over the state, including Belmar, New Brunswick, Farmingdale and West Orange. They all paint women engaged in various occupations, states of being and everyday activities.

Shoshana Kertesz, who has painted famous women writers says, “I paint women who inspire me through their strength, sensitivity, creativity and wisdom. I paint women to bring to attention the character behind the facial and physical makeup and the beauty that shines from within. Women come in all emotional and intellectual colors that are unique to them, and I want to emphasize this aspect by foregoing feminine stereotypes.”

The exhibit will open at the Oyster Point Hotel on Thursday, May 5th, 2016 with an artists’ reception from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. It will close Sunday, June 26, 2016. The Oyster Point, located at 146 Bodman Place, has both free and valet parking, and will serve complimentary hors d’oeuvres. The public is welcome to this free event.

“My thanks to Oyster Point Curator Gerda Liebmann for providing this opportunity, and to the Oyster Point Hotel for supporting the arts for many years. It’s an alternative space that has become a significant art venue on the Jersey Shore,” says Martin. “We hope everyone will come and enjoy the show.”